Information for junior players

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In an effort to maintain a consistent quality and playing standard of Cricket, the Club has set out below guidelines for all Players, Coaches, Managers and Parents to follow. This will be beneficial to everyone, so please take the time to read this infromation.

The club is run by people, on a purely voluntary basis and parental assistance, be it in a small way, goes a long way to ensuring the success of the Club.




Every player must be registered under NSW Cricket and parents/players are required to complete the Registration online at together with payment of the appropriate fees.  The completion of these obligations is required prior to the Season commencing. Those players who are not registered will be ineligible to play.




Once teams are finalised, the individual Coaches and Managers will conduct relevant training at times to suit the team. This information will be communicated to all players in due course.

As a general rule, training is held one weekday evening from approximately 4.30 until 7.00 pm




The Club provides an ACC shirt and cap with the signature green and gold shoulder 'slashes' of ACC. 

Players must wear white shorts or long pants.

Each team has a shared kit of equipment that includes protective gear: helmets, bats, batting pads and gloves, thigh pads and wicket keeping gloves.

Players often use their own gear but this is not required. Cricket equipment does make great gift ideas though!

Each player must have their own protector or 'box' and wear it in between two pairs of underpants to hold in place.




For the junior teams, it is vital to have parents participate in the game each Saturday. Children respond very positively when parents take time to watch them play. Cricket requires an umpire and a scorer from each team. These jobs are not difficult and the Club encourages parents to attend a Training Night to be held prior to the commencement of the Season. The more parents available, the easier the tasks at hand.


It would be appreciated if you could advise us of your interest in coaching, managing or umpiring a team during the coming Season.

An Umpires Course and a Level 1 Coaching Course will also be held during the Season. Details will be advised.


ACC Philosophy Statement


It is Club Policy that all members of the Club be provided an equal opportunity to play a fair game of Cricket. This ensures that all players have an enjoyable time each Saturday.

It is the Club's intention that all children who register and play with the Club develop both their cricket and social skills.

To this end each child should be provided the chance to bat and bowl in every game as far as possible.

It is not the primary objective to win competitions.

The Club judges its success by the number of children who return to play with the Club in subsequent years and who feel that they 'belong' to a club.

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ACC - Code of Behaviour 



The Club insists that all players must:

· play by the rules and never argue with officials

· control your temper and never abuse officials or other players or behave in an unsportsmanlike manner

· work equally hard for yourself and for your team in order to benefit everyone

· be a good sport at all times, applaud good plays whether it be your team or the other team

· treat all players as you would like to be treated - do not interfere, bully or take advantage of another player

· co-operate with your Coach, team-mates and opponents and play for the 'fun of it', not just to please parents and coaches.



: The Club expects that Coaches & Managers should:

· be reasonable in demands on young players time, energy and enthusiasm

· develop a players knowledge and skill of the game as well as team respect for the ability of opponents

· teach players that rules of the sport are mutual agreements which should not be broken

· encourage and demonstrate a team approach to achieve a reasonable chance of success

· avoid over-playing the talented players - everyone deserves equal time

· not ridicule or shout at players for making mistakes or losing

· ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards

· make a personal commitment to keep up-to-date with sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children.



The Club also expects Parents/Spectators to:

· encourage children to always participate according to the rules, if they are willing - never force a child to participate.

· focus on the child's efforts and performances than the overall outcome. This assists the child in setting realistic goals and reduces the emphasis on winning.

· teach children that an honest effort is as important as victory, so results are accepted without undue disappointment.

· never ridicule or shout at a child for making a mistake or losing

· remember that children are involved in organised sports for their enjoyment, not yours and that they learn best from example, therefore applaud good plays by all teams. 4.

· never question an official's judgment and honesty in public, do this through appropriate channels.

· support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse and condemn the use of violence in any form. Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour.

· recognise and support the value and importance of volunteer coaches and officials.




The following Code applies to all players, officials, office bearers and members of the Club.

You must not:

· assault or attempt to assault an umpire, another player or spectator

· abuse, either orally or physically another player or spectator

· dispute an umpire's decision or react in an obviously disapproving manner

· use crude or abusive language or engage in any form of conduct detrimental to the spirit of the game

· use crude or abusive hand signals or other gestures

· refuse to supply your full name and registered address if and when required by a person eligible to lodge a report.

Should breaches of this conduct occur, a report may be lodged by any person in the above category or by any person who sees or hears the conduct that breaches this Code.

The report is to be lodged in accordance with certain guidelines and must be reported to Secretary of the Club in writing immediately and also inform the person who has breached the Code that he or she is being reported.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are reported to a Judiciary Committee of the Canterbury & Western Suburbs Cricket Association and the Judiciary may impose various penalties such as reprimands, suspensions, fines as it deems fit.

Appeals against the Judiciary decision may be lodged and heard by The NSW Junior Cricket Union.




A Coach is a director of people who are striving for a goal. He/She must not drive them relentlessly but instead guide them towards the goal.

The coach will co-ordinate a team and liaise with a manager (where possible) to advise training schedules. The coach should be available to train the children in all aspects of the game and be present each Saturday during the game. It is advisable for coaches to attend a coaching course and an umpires course.

One person from each team is required to undertake umpiring duties and advise the children, set fields during play, etc.


Hints for Coaches:

1. Create a positive coaching environment by:

- learning names quickly

- smiling

- praise and encouragement

- answering questions

- being patient.

2. Set achievable goals by:

- keeping the stage of skill development in mind

- keeping the work challenging and progressive.

3. Vary the Sessions by:

- providing equal opportunities for all players

- individuals, pairs, group work

- non-competitive, self-paced work

- co-operative team work

- supervised play with guided instruction

- free play.

4. Teach one skill at a time or one part of a skill.

5. Demonstrate what to do, not what not to do. If you cannot demonstrate, choose someone who can.

6. Involve all children in activity.

7. Provide instant feedback and use your voice well.


                            GOLDEN RULE SUMMARY

         DO                                                                                         DO NOT

Encourage and praise                                   Give fitness sessions for primary children

Encourage fair play & good habits                  Abuse or shout at children

Have fun yourself                                            Smoke or swear

Wear appropriate training gear                       Treat them as little adults

Let them play                                               Train them for more than one hour

Organise your session                                   Keep a competition table



Understanding the Players:


From recent surveys, children placed the following statements in this order when asked what they enjoyed about participating in sport.

a. Improving their skill level

b. Playing, using the skills of the sport

c. Having a good relationship with the coach

d. Being selected in the team, not on the bench

e. Competing and trying to win

f. Having an exciting close game

g. Being with friends

h. Wearing the correct uniform

i. Beating their opponents

j. Receiving medals or trophies.

"The most important thing about sport is ...

· to play as well as you are able

· to have fun

· to be fair

· to beat your opponent.

Children feel strongly that:

· all players in the team should have an equal opportunity to play in matches

· it is more important for all players to play than for the team to win

· learning to play the game is more important than for the team to win.

Players' advice to coaches:

· Do not yell so much

· Teach us more

· Give us more involvement

· Let us express ourselves

· Do not have favourites

· Encourage more."



The Club requires that all managers become familiar with all aspects required to conduct a game of cricket and the rules under which matches are played.

It is important that managers get to know all parents involved with the Team so that all participants feel welcome and comfortable with each other. It is a good idea to have a team sheet at the start of the season providing all players details as well as Mum & Dad names. Distribute this to the team - it makes life very easy and allows people time to remember names.

The manager is responsible for communication between the team and the Club. The Secretary conveys all information during the Season to coaches & managers who are required to relay this on to their team members.

For every game the Manager is required to organise the scoring, team sheets and relay the results to the Club and the Association as notified. It is advisable that a few parents learn how to score, so that the task can be shared for every game, say for an hour each.



Wet weather decisions are usually made on the day itself and all players must attend the ground and be ready to play.



The Club maintains a record of all players' performances during his/her time playing with the Club.  Once a Junior has finished playing his/her junior cricket career, a certificate containing their statistics is handed out at the ACC presentation day.

Managers should also keep statistics as these are required at the end of the Season.

Should there be any further information required, please do not hesitate to contact your Coach or Manager, or the Club's Secretary.